Emily Ratajkowski’s Best Street Style Moments

Credit: Pinterest

Which are Emily Ratajkowski’s best street style moments? Let’s find out together….

Emily Ratajkowski has mastered the art of bombshell style for every occasion and we got proves.

Who inspires Emily for her street style? What do you think? The muse of Emily’s style is Princess Diana and we love every minute of it. She likes wearing bike shorts, oversized jackets and dad sneakers. Keeping it everything simply yet so fashionable.

No matter where Emily is going, she looks good. With her amazing, breathtaking body she makes everything look good. From glam cut-out dresses on the red carpet to her model off-duty street style; such as randomly walking her dog, she has mastered every occasion. Don’t believe me? Just watch!

What do you think of Emily’s street style? What about those abs?

source: https://inspiront.com/