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Jimmy Butler’s Surprising New Hairstyle Shocks Miami Heat

During Media Day in Miami, Jimmy Butler unveiled a striking new appearance that quickly captured the attention of the NBA community. The Miami Heat’s forward made a dramatic entrance on the team’s inaugural workday of the season, showcasing eye, lip, and nose piercings, a fresh hairstyle, and black-painted fingernails. This …

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Part of changing WhatsApp Stories features

The world’s largest instant messaging application WhatsApp recently renamed the Stories feature ‘Status’ to ‘Updates’. However, there are likely to be more changes now, under which users will be able to keep their stories for up to two weeks. Currently, stories on WhatsApp automatically expire every 24 hours and are …

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Transforming India’s Defense: New Theatre Commands

Forces and Hilicopter

In a monumental step towards enhancing India’s defense capabilities, the Indian Army has embarked on a transformative journey by introducing new Theatre Commands. These commands represent a paradigm shift in the country’s military strategy, aimed at streamlining operations, bolstering coordination, and ensuring swift responses to evolving threats. This article delves …

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Top Pakistani Startups of all time

New Startup

I can certainly provide you with an overview of some top Pakistani startups and their estimated net worth, but please note that my knowledge is up to date only until September 2021, and I may not have the most recent financial figures. Additionally, the net worth of startups can fluctuate …

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Kia Raises Prices on its Popular Vehicle Lineup.

Sportage Black Edition

Lucky Motor Corporation Limited (LMCL) has recently raised the prices of specific models, including Picanto Automatic, Stonic EX+, Sportage AWD, and Sportage Black Edition. The company has not provided a clear explanation for this price adjustment. It’s important to note that unlike the previous price increase, LMCL has not increased …

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