Kia Raises Prices on its Popular Vehicle Lineup.

Lucky Motor Corporation Limited (LMCL) has recently raised the prices of specific models, including Picanto Automatic, Stonic EX+, Sportage AWD, and Sportage Black Edition. The company has not provided a clear explanation for this price adjustment.

It’s important to note that unlike the previous price increase, LMCL has not increased the prices of all the cars in its range. Effective from September 6, the updated prices are as follows:

Models.                                   Old price.                          New price

Picanto.                                 3,825,000.                             3,950,000

Stonic EX+                             6,050,000.                             6,280,000

Sportage AWD.                     8,820,000.                             8,920,000

Black Edition.                       9,300,000.                             9,650,000

This marks the second price hike by the company in just two months. Notably, the Sportage AWD model has experienced the smallest price increase compared to the others. Kia’s overall performance has been adversely affected over the last two years due to ongoing economic challenges in Pakistan. While there was a modest increase in sales in June, it wasn’t substantial enough to significantly impact the company’s standing.

Nevertheless, this situation is comprehensible, as all automobile manufacturers in Pakistan are facing precarious financial circumstances.

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