Part of changing WhatsApp Stories features

The world’s largest instant messaging application WhatsApp recently renamed the Stories feature ‘Status’ to ‘Updates’.

However, there are likely to be more changes now, under which users will be able to keep their stories for up to two weeks.

Currently, stories on WhatsApp automatically expire every 24 hours and are removed from the status, after which users have to share new stories.


Although currently there is no restriction on WhatsApp that the user can share limited stories, but now work is going on to change the feature and extend its duration.

According to WebatInfo, a website that monitors WhatsApp updates, the feature to extend the duration of stories on the application will be introduced soon.

According to the report, several WhatsApp users have been given access to test the new feature, which allows users to keep their stories for two weeks instead of 24 hours.

Under the new feature, as soon as users share their story, they will have options in the form of a bar for how long they want to keep the stories.

Apart from 24 hours, users will be given options of three days, one week and two weeks and users will be free to select the option as per their preference.

Users will also have the option to delete their stories after three days after keeping them for two weeks or limit their duration to one week.

It is too early to say when the feature will be rolled out to general users, but it is likely to be rolled out soon.

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